Minot is a new display typeface that I had a ton of fun making and hope you guys have just as much fun playing with it. The typeface comes in three styles: Outline, Fill, and Box, and they're meant to be used together to create multi-color headlines. You have the option of purchasing just the outline version to save a bit of cash or all three for only a little bit extra. I had fun messing with it myself and making examples to show you guys how creative you can get with it. To see the full character set, click here. You will receive a download link via your paypal email immediately upon purchase completion. I look forward to seeing this one on your wedding invites, baby announcements (minot means “child” in French), wine labels...just about anything you want to make fancy! I also created this little pdf to show how to use the font which offers some general helpful tips about working with fonts with alternate characters too. As with all font licenses you purchase, make sure you read the EULA first. All prices are based on a license for 1-5 computers. If you require a larger license or are a large company looking to purchase a license, contact me to inquire.

Shipping not included.